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What Is CBD Oil?

Even if you’re not the type of person who’s interested in following the news, you’re probably aware of one of the biggest news stories in recent years — marijuana. With recent research touting the health benefits of marijuana, discussions about what this plant's place in our society should be and scientific information about the plant itself, it’s been hard to miss.

None of this is a coincidence. Marijuana is a fascinating plant that’s claimed the spotlight recently because of, among other things, its many and varied uses in the medical field. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the components of marijuana, CBD, and all the ways it can be beneficial to you.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of the dozens of different chemical compounds that exist within marijuana. In other words, CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that work together to give marijuana the trademark effects it has on both the body and brain. Of course, when you think of chemical compounds associated with this drug, your mind may immediately jump to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that’s famous for creating the “high” feeling we so commonly associate with marijuana.

Despite this natural association, CBD is actually quite different from THC. While THC is most well-known for the relaxed and “stoned” feeling users receive from marijuana, CBD does not produce this same effect. Scientists who have isolated this chemical compound have found that CBD does not cause a high in consumers, and it also leads to numerous medical benefits. In many cases, CBD oil can work as an alternative remedy to more traditional methods that may come with unpleasant side effects.

Our CBD Products

Here at Saffire Vapor, we sell a range of different CBD products, enabling you to ingest or consume your dosage of this versatile oil in whatever way works best for you. Browse this handy list and select which product might work well for your needs.

1. CBD Oral Drops

Oral drops are an easy and efficient way to consume your dosage of CBD oil. Just place the exact number of drops under your tongue with the dropper, and then hold the oil in place with your tongue for one minute. This gives the oil time to absorb into the blood vessels in your tongue and be transported throughout your body. Once this minute has passed, go ahead and swallow the oil. This method of consumption is ideal for those concerned with discretion.



TenneCBD Formula Green is a lower potency CBD oil containing 20 mg/ml of pure CBD, as well as over 100 other cannabinoids. This oral drop formula is perfect for getting a good nights sleep and for reducing moderate anxiety. Made locally in Nashville, TN.

Koi Naturals line of oral drops contain a blend of CBD, CBDV and CBG oils to provide maximum relief, keeping you happier & healthier. These supplemental oral drops come in 4 unique flavors, including orange, spearmint, lemon-lime & natural. Choose between five different CBD strengths: 250MG, 500MG, 1000MG, 1500MG & 3000MG.

2. CBD Vape Oil

If you’re looking for an immediate physical or psychological reaction, try vaping your CBD oil, as this is the fastest way to get the CBD to your brain and body. To vape, start by exhaling gently, then inhaling from the mouthpiece for three seconds. Continue inhaling ordinary air until your lungs are full, hold for a few seconds, and then exhale naturally. This method is the best choice for anyone looking for an immediate effect.


Koi Vape Oil is 100% THC free & available in 4 different strengths: 100MG, 250MG, 500MG & 1,000MG

Try one of six flavors, including tropical, blue raspberry, strawberry milkshake, watermelon & sour green apple, vanilla caramel and pink lemonade.

3. CBD Edibles Gummies

These quick and easy edibles hardly need any instruction. Simply take one by mouth, chew it like you would any other gummy and swallow. This method of consumption is also excellent for anyone looking to be discreet. Additionally, edibles such as gummies are known for their long-lasting effects, although those same effects take longer to kick in.

The CBD Brands We Carry

At Saffire Vapor, we’re proud to retail CBD products manufactured by two high-quality producers. Both offer excellent and unique products that we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

  • TenneCBD: TenneCBD company creates its products locally in Tennessee, and offers both oral drops and vapeable products in a range of different styles and varieties.
  • KoiCBD: KoiCBD is one of the largest national producers of CBD-related items today, and they create a wide range of exciting gummies, vape oil and oral drops.


Is CBD Legal?

If you're in any way tapped into the conversation surrounding marijuana today, then you probably have heard that the current debate centers around its legality. You may also be aware that in some states, marijuana is already legal for medicinal and adult use.

The same is true for CBD. It's entirely legal in some states, while in others it's only approved for medical usage. Still other states prohibit CBD altogether.


For states colored in green, cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use. States that are blue allow medicinal cannabis use, while states in yellow permit only low-THC, high CBD medical cannabis products. States in grey have no protections for CBD consumers.

Medical and Health Benefits of CBD Oil

The list of every single documented or suspected health benefit that comes from consuming CBD oil would be far too long to include here. However, we do want to talk about some of the most common and widely-known health benefits, as well as some of the conditions, disorders and symptoms that CBD has been shown to help with.

Browse this list and see if any of these conditions are ones that you struggle with. If you recognize yourself on this list, it might be time to ask yourself if CBD oil is right for you.

1. Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

We all know that preventing cancer is not a simple equation. Cancer is the product of hundreds of different factors, many of which we don’t fully understand yet. Despite this, it is beginning to be clear that there is a connection between CBD and cancer. In a 2012 study, animals that had been treated with CBD showed themselves to be far less likely, on average, to develop colon cancer. Correlations have also been made to bladder cancer and skin cancer, and while more research is necessary, the data seems to point to a positive connection.

2. Maintain a Strong and Healthy Brain

Cannabinoids, including CBD, are well known for regulating and upholding healthy brain function. They help remove damaged brain cells, contribute to more robust and active mitochondria, help prevent brain damage before it happens and can even provide an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain as a whole. This means that in the event of a brain injury, the person who has been strengthening their brain with CBD may have a better chance of sustaining minimal damage.

3. Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes and Obesity

Current data trends show that regular users of cannabis and CBD tend to carry less extra weight and have a lower body mass index. This lends itself to all kinds of health benefits, including a greatly reduced risk of obesity. One survey from 2011 reported that out of a group of 52,000 surveyed CBD-users, the likelihood of obesity is about one-third lower than it is among none CBD-users. While lower weight is desirable because of numerous positive health benefits, perhaps the most pressing of those is the reduced potential for developing diabetes.

4. Promote a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States. Based on this fact alone, it should come as no surprise that multitudes of people are searching for ways to improve their heart health. CBD offers you one possible way to do that.

CBD-users are consistently shown to have higher levels of “good” cholesterol and lower levels of the kinds of cholesterol that damage and strain the heart. In addition to this, cannabinoids such as CBD have been shown to help stimulate the body’s natural defenses against one type of heart disease known as atherosclerosis. This is extremely desirable, as many of the treatments currently available are only moderately effective and may lead to numerous side-effects.

5. Protect Against Bone Damage

It isn’t just milk and other calcium-rich products that lead to strong bones. Recent data leads researchers to believe that CBD is also highly-effective at stimulating bone metabolism, the process by which old bone matter is replaced by new. This process is critical in the building of strong, healthy bones.

CBD plays a crucial role in blocking a particular enzyme that might otherwise destroy healthy, bone-building compounds before they can do their job. In this way, CBD can lead to a decreased risk of age-related bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Additionally, it can help broken bones to heal faster, while also building bones that are 35 to 50 percent stronger and less likely to break in the first place.

6. Heal and Protect Your Skin

Your skin houses a vast number of endocannabinoid receptors — the most housed anywhere in your body. This means that while consuming CBD orally or in other manners has plenty of benefits, you don’t want to discount the advantages of rubbing it directly into your skin like lotion. When applied directly to the skin, CBD oil may help repair damage done by UV-rays and other environmental pollutants. In addition to this, CBD oil on the skin can help treat surface conditions such as acne and work to speed the natural healing process of damaged skin.

Topical applications of CBD are nothing new, and have a long legacy throughout history, with different cultures from all time periods making use of this oil’s healing properties. Whether you’re dealing with acne, redness, soreness or any other topical conditions, a dose of CBD oil massaged into the skin might be just the treatment necessary.

7. Calm Inflammation

Inflammation is a side-effect of many different diseases, conditions and ailments. And while CBD oil may not always be the cure that eases the underlying problem, it can do wonders for the inflammation itself. CBD engages directly with the natural endocannabinoid receptors present in many organs throughout the body and works to soothe any inflamed areas with this systematic approach.

8. Soothe Anxiety and Stress

While CBD can have many fantastic effects on the physical body, the benefits of this oil don’t end there. They also extend to our emotional and mental health and can effect positive change there as well.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses affecting the world today, with a staggering 40 million adults suffering from symptoms every year in the United States alone. Even those individuals who don’t suffer from a disorder are certainly no stranger to intense feelings of stress and anxiety on occasion. CBD can help. This chemical compound is exceptionally effective at interacting with multiple areas of your brain to help produce feelings of calm and relaxation.

While the stress-relieving effects of cannabis have been well-documented throughout history, they’re also backed up by modern science. Numerous studies show that CBD can be incredibly effective at reducing multiple types of anxiety, creating a mindset that instead feels more peaceful and relaxed.

9. Ease Mood Disorders and Depression

Anxiety isn’t the only mental disorder that can be treated with CBD. Depression and other mood disorders are also excellent candidates for CBD-treatments. Traditional pharmaceutical treatments for depression commonly concentrate on serotonin, one of the “happiness” chemicals that your brain produces. In other words, treatments are usually focused on regulating serotonin levels in an effort to stabilize the mood.

CBD, however, has been shown to work in much the same way as serotonin, stabilizing the mood and producing feelings of happiness and contentment. Additionally, some research suggests that CBD may even help to produce serotonin, thus making it a great contender for traditional treatment, as well.

10. Relieve Pain

The idea of using CBD for pain management is far from new. It can be traced throughout history, with our ancestors long-since recognizing the wonderful effects it can have on a person suffering from acute or chronic pain. Recent research has shown that this historical method of pain management still holds up today, with cannabis continuing to be an efficient way to treat pain.

Chronic pain, officially defined as over one hundred days of pain per year, is extremely common in the United States, with over 70 million individuals suffering. Cannabis in general and CBD, in particular, can be a highly effective treatment that helps ease this discomfort by effectively blocking the path between the brain and the site of the pain, preventing the brain from registering the pain. By blocking pain receptors in this manner, CBD can provide inestimable relief to those dealing with cancer, arthritis and many more causes of chronic pain.

11. Find Calm and Restful Sleep

We all have a night every once in a while when we have a hard time finding sleep. This is especially common if we’re nervous, stressed or even excited. But if you find that sleep is eluding you night after night, there may be something bigger going on. You may be suffering from insomnia, a condition where your body has difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or both.

There is an undeniable connection between cannabis and sleeping habits, although it’s one that science is still actively working to understand. When seeking to use CBD to treat a sleep disorder, it’s highly recommended that you work with a doctor to arrive at precisely the correct dosage, as different people’s sleep cycles may react differently to the same dosage. This is a process and a treatment that is individual to every person and must be adjusted accordingly. By taking the time to get the right dosage, however, you may just find that CBD is exactly the solution you’ve been looking for to give you the easy, restful sleep you deserve.

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