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Description: If you are a menthol fiend, then look no further! This blend was enginee...
Description: If you smoked menthol cigarettes before vaping, this this might just be ...
Description: With the classic menthol flavor as our base, we mixed in just a hint of ...
Description: A full flavored, fire-cured pipe tobacco packed into each bottle! This m...
Description: The closest experience to the universally popular light cigarette. If yo...
Description: Derived from the Mentha leaf, this flavor is spot on smooth and refreshi...
Description: An expert mixture of a half-dozen different types of quality tobacco and...
Description: Combining SEVEN different tobacco flavors together to create one unique ...
Description: The Smooth Tobacco eliquid was designed with the old-style Virginia toba...
Description: A truly tasty honey tobacco that is easy on the palette. This mixture is...
Description: Staying true to it's name, our Tobacco flavor is a high quality simulati...
Description: Tobacco 6 is a robust tobacco eliquid that is perfect for anyone coming ...
Description: An icy cold, balanced, and refreshingly cool blend of menthols you have ...

13 Item(s)

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Find all of your favorite e-liquid flavors at Saffire Vapor! All e-liquids are manufactured in Nashville Tennessee and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

E-Liquid Flavors

For both exceptional flavor and quality, shop for all of your e-liquids at Saffire Vapor! Find unique flavor combinations as well as your go-to flavors on our online store, or stop by our brick-and-mortar store if you're local.

Find all of your favorite e-liquid flavors at Saffire Vapor! All e-liquids are manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee, and contain only the highest-quality ingredients.

Choosing an E-Liquid Flavor

Unlike traditional tobacco products, e-liquids offer a far greater variety of flavors.

From fruit flavors to candy flavors, Saffire Vapor carries an unbeatable selection of vape juice for sale. For a tropical feel, choose Atmosphere Meso. With sweet mango and papaya, you'll feel like you're sitting on the beach! If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll love the Bailamos — Salsa option. Fresh vanilla cake blends with sweet cream to give a taste just like your favorite desserts.

You'll also find a variety of unique blends. Try out Atmosphere Ursa Major for a less common combination of flavors. You wouldn't think that gummy bears and merlot wine would go together, but they do so perfectly in this vape juice.

If you're looking to get the old-school tobacco flavor, we offer several of these kinds of options too. Whatever you're in the mood to try, you can find a number of different e-liquids that you're sure to love at Saffire Vapor.

What Are E-Liquids Made Of?

Different manufacturers have slightly different makeups of their e-liquids, but they all use the same basic ingredients. Saffire Vapor ensures quality by insisting on only the best ingredients in all the products we carry.

E-liquids contain different levels of PG and VG, as well as nicotine and flavoring. Each ingredient has a specific purpose, helping to give it the flavor that you enjoy and the experience that you have.

PG vs. VG Vape Juice

PG and VG are two ingredients found in e-liquids.

PG stands for propylene glycol, which is an alcohol. PG works better with some vape pens because it has a consistency that is more compatible with their design. This compound is also used as a sweetener, which helps give some liquids their sweeter taste. Some people prefer vape juice with higher levels of PG because it produces less vapor and lets you be a little more discreet.

VG stands for vegetable glycerin, which is made from vegetable oils. Even though it is made from oil, VG is not, itself, an oil. It is an alcohol that has some similar properties to PG. VG also helps sweeten vape juice and lets you blow out those big white vapor clouds. If you like that visual appeal, choose an e-liquid with higher concentrations of VG than PG. But keep in mind that VG doesn't give as much of a throat hit as PG gives.

When you're looking with the right formula, be sure to keep these things in mind. It will help you get the experience that you really want.

What Are My Nicotine Options?

Nicotine is a common ingredient in e-liquids, but it's not always included in their formulas.

Vaping without nicotine is a growing trend. Former smokers are the main members of this group, but it's made up of others, too, like those who want to try out vaping for the social aspects but don't want to consume nicotine.

Whatever your preferences, you can find both nicotine-free e-liquids as well as vape juices that do contain nicotine at Saffire Vapor. Check out our great selection of e-liquids and other products online or visit a location near you!

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