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Melrose Vape Shop in Nashville, TN

2613 Franklin Pike
Suite #105
Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 454-4397
10am-9pm Mon-Sat
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Your Full-Service Vape Shop in Melrose, TN

Many vapers in the Melrose, TN area ask themselves the same question: "Where can I find a vape shop near me?" Whether you're new to the world of vaping or a "veteran vaper," you'll find everything you need at the local Saffire Vapor store at 2613 Franklin Pike, Suite 105 in the Melrose section of Nashville. We carry an extensive selection of mods, coils, tanks, e-liquids and more. You'll also get the benefit of friendly, knowledgeable customer service that will maximize your buying experience.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Mods and Kits

If you're an experienced vaper, you might prefer using mods for the increased intensity, expanded vapor generation and a more pronounced throat hit. Our vape shop in Melrose, TN carries a tremendous assortment of high-quality mods that will exceed your expectations. You'll also find a collection of kits that include mods, adapter sleeves, tanks, coils, cables and everything else you need. These kits offer the benefit of cost-effectiveness, as well as the convenience of getting multiple supplies with one purchase.

Stock up on Vaping Tanks

Our Melrose vape shop carries a broad assortment of tanks, atomizers and cartomizers for storing and delivering your e-liquids during the vaping process. You'll find top-notch tank systems from leading manufacturers such as Aspire, HorizonTech, Eleaf, iJoy and many others. We can also provide expert assistance to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Check out Our Selection of Coils

Coils are a critical component of any vaping system. They also wear out quickly and require frequent replacement. Saffire Vapor is your one-stop headquarters in Melrose for coil packs that give you a budget-friendly way to stock up. You'll never have to worry about malfunctioning coils keeping you from enjoying the best possible vaping experience.

We Carry Numerous Vaping Accessories

Are you searching for batteries or a battery case? How about a car charger or USB cable? These are just a few examples of the many accessories you'll find at our vape shop in Melrose, TN. And if there's a specific accessory you need but can't seem to locate, there's a great chance we can get it for you quickly.

Our Many Choices of Vape Juice in Melrose, TN

Of course, even the best vaping equipment doesn't offer much value without tasty e-liquids. We manufacture our vape juice right here in Nashville to the highest quality standards. When you join our Tasting Bar Membership program for $1, you can try any of the e-liquids we offer at any of our stores.

Choose the flavor experience that suits your preferences, whether you like something that closely resembles tobacco or more of an "exotic" taste. Try a premium blend such as Black Grape or Famous Banana Pudding, something from our Moonshine line like Maple or Peach, or any of our more than 100 tantalizing flavors.

Have a Sample at Our Tasting Bar

If you're like many vapers, you love to experiment with a variety of vape juice flavors. Our Melrose location includes an in-house tasting bar where Tasting Bar members are free to sample as many flavors as they'd like.

We're Open Every Day — Stop in and See Us!

Our fully stocked vape shop in Melrose, TN is open seven days a week to serve you. Feel free to stop by and check out our vaping equipment supply and meet our team!

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