Lost Vape – Orion Q Device

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June 26, 2019
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June 27, 2019
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Lost Vape – Orion Q Device



Lost Vape presents the Silent but Deadly- Orion Q Mod. Its durability is top notch, utilizing a stainless steel material for its entire body, creating a long-lasting mod that will stand the test of time! The Lost Vape Orion Q performs flawlessly; the entire internal circuitry has been completely refined and tweaked to create the best possible vaping experience. A full safety suite is also integrated into the device, which includes short-circuit protection, temperature protection, and more, that will protect both you and your precious pod system from burning out. The Orion Q also boasts an integrated 950mAh rechargeable internal battery, providing up to 2,000 puffs in-between charges for a full day of vaping time. This device now includes a pod in the package.

Notable Features:
-Up to 2,000 puffs on a full charge
-Highly Durable Build and Design
-Sleek and “Pocket Perfect”
-Battery Life Indicator (Colored Light System)
-Easy Charging


In The Box:
-Orion Q Mod

-Orion Pod

-USB Cable

-User Manual

-Warranty Card


Black Weave, Blue Aurora, Rainbow on Rainbow


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